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Do your kids struggle with...

Social Media
Temper Tantrums
Sleep issues
Breast Feeding
Not listening
Video games
Sexual Identity
Gender Identity
Potty Training
Feeling Entitled
Learning Issues
Being Disrespectful

I WILL HELP YOU Resolve these and Many MORE

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"America's Mom."

-Dave Ramsey

Let’s be real with each other for a moment…

Being a parent is wonderful, but it is SO hard.  When our children are born, we aren’t given a handbook that says ‘Here’s how to be a good parent.’ So, when our kids won’t sleep, breast feed, or throw tantrums we have no clue what to do. Then they get older and conversations about sex, cell phone dangers and social media come up and we don’t know what to say. And what about more serious issues like depression and anxiety? What do we do if we suspect our child has these?

You don’t have to parent in the dark anymore. There are answers to your questions that really work and they are at your fingertips.

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parenting resources

Actionable expert advice right at your fingertips.

Your questions to common parenting struggles, answered! Find practical solutions to everyday parenting roadblocks. From bullying and boundaries to sleep training and screen use, I’ve got you covered.

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More than a decade ago, I started reading Dr. Meg Meeker’s books

on parenting and walked away impressed with her wisdom and insight. Even more, I appreciated her passion for helping moms and dads navigate every twist and turn on the path to raising healthy kids.

Dave Ramsey

I have learned so much from her!

I love her books and her podcasts. She really gets it and puts information into terms so that I can get it also.


“I was skeptical of this…but I was desperate…

not only is he (my son) taking decent naps now but I can put him down awake and he rolls over and goes to sleep. Last night he slept 11 pm-5:45am which was HUGE…


“I bought this book for my husband because we have a daughter, but I ended up reading it

and being set free from a painful childhood of divorce. It was very healing and I’m so glad that I read it.

Nursemommy on Dave Ramsey Site

I read a lot, finishing 76 books last year alone.

Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters is easily a top five all-time book for me and a must read for anyone raising daughters.

Hello, I’m Dr. Meg Meeker. I've been a pediatrician more than 30 years, I'm a mother of four and grandmother of six. What I need you to know is:  I GET IT!

I’ve known the frustrations, fears, highs and lows of parenting. That’s why I’m here. I want to help you be the parent you want to be and help your kids become extraordinary people.

I’ve written 7 books, spoken globally and done my share of television and radio shows but what I love most is interacting with you and your kids. I know this: no matter what you’re dealing with today, things can get better. Your child’s story isn’t fully written so hold on and let me

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Take the Parenting Quiz

Find out your parenting style with my new parent personality quiz!

Take the Parenting Quiz

From Balanced Parenting to Discipline to Co-parenting, get Expert Pediatrician-Approved Parenting Advice.

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Discover your parenting style with my new parent personality quiz!

Take this two-minute quiz to find out which of the four parenting types you are: Indulgent, Hands-Off, Balanced, Strict

Plus get a few tips on parenting strategies based on your current type.

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