15 (Fun) Ways to Share The 30 Day Challenge

Now that Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters is out, I wanted to pass along a few ideas to help these men pass along the new book to their buddies.
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April 22, 2019
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July 12, 2012
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The incredible thing about people who read Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters has been the number of men that tell me they buy in bulk and pass along copies to other men in their lives.

Now that Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters: The 30 Day Challenge is out, I wanted to pass along a few ideas to help these men pass along the new book to their buddies, their family members, their neighbors, their pastor, the guys in the carpool lane, the guys at work, their boss, the other dads at daycare, etc……

  1. Leave a copy in a pew at church with a note that says “take me home!”
  2. Go to your local library and leave a copy at the desk with a note that says you want to donate it to the collection.
  3. Have a doctor’s appointment coming up? Bring along a copy with you and leave it with the reading material in the waiting room
  4. Going golfing with your buddies this weekend? Tuck a few copies into your friend’s golf bags
  5. Drop one in the mailbox and leave a note that says “For the Mailman”
  6. Take one to your local coffeeshop and leave it on the seat
  7. Take a few copies with you when you pick up your daughter from daycare or school. Tuck them into the cubbies next to hers.
  8. Bring a few copies to Sunday school and pass them to the dads you know
  9. Hold a “contest” on your Facebook page and mail copies to the winner(s)
  10. Go to the mall and leave a copy on a bench
  11. At the gym, tuck a few copies into empty lockers
  12. At the fast food drive-in, give a copy to a man running the window
  13. Notice a friend on Twitter that is having a hard time or bad day? Mail them the book to brighten their day
  14. Order the book and have it direct shipped to a friend for their birthday (or half-birthday) or just because!
  15. Look up your local girl scouts chapter. Take several copies to the scout leader and tell her to pass them out as she wishes

Obviously, these are mostly in jest, but the point in writing them is to stress that I DO want you to pass along the book to your friends!

Have any other fun ideas on how to share the book? Leave them here in the comments!

Dr. Meg Meeker, MD

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