Please pass this along to Dr. Meeker!!

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April 22, 2019
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December 22, 2010
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Please pass this along to Dr Meeker…

Please pass this along to Dr Meeker…

I woke up early this morning before everyone else and went downstairs to read.  I picked up Strong Fathers Strong Daughters and continued where I left of last night.  15 min later my 4 yr old daughter Jaynie came down and cuddled with me on the couch while I read.  A few minutes later 6 yr old Julia came down and cuddled with me too.  After a little bit she asked me what I was reading.  I showed her the cover and said it was a book about daddy’s and their girls.  Hearing that, they both came in closer for a bigger hug.  It was a really nice moment.

Thanks for your book,


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