The 5 Truths About Jesus That Every Child Should Know

The strongest desire of the Christian parent’s heart is to communicate the the love you feel for Jesus to your kids.
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April 22, 2019
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February 4, 2014
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The strongest desire of the Christian parent’s heart is to communicate the the love you feel for Jesus to your kids. You want your daughter to know who He is, Why He came to Earth and Why He isn’t just a nice teacher. Many parents leave the teaching job to Sunday school teachers, youth group leaders or a pastor, but make sure that you teach your daughter who you believe Jesus is. This job is too important to give to someone else. Here are five truths that every child MUST know about Jesus.


John 1 tells us that In the beginning the Word was with God and the Word was God. As Jesus’ best friend, John was writing to us to make sure that we didn’t misunderstand who he knew his friend was. John was talking to Jews and Gentiles and when he used the word, “Word” to describe Jesus, the Jews heard something different from the Gentiles.

The Hebrew word for “Word” is Dabar which connotes something dynamic and life giving. This made sense to the Jews because they learned that when God first formed the earth. He simply opened his mouth and LIFE flowed out. Light came. Green grass, blue water, mountains, human beings and animals were shaped. All life came from God’s mouth. So Dabar wasn’t simply a noun. It was more like a verb because it was so powerful.

When John talked to the Greeks, they heard the word “Logos” which means “the mind of God or “the reason of God.” Since they were philosophers, they understood that John knew that Logos referred to Jesus. “Logos” became flesh, so they knew that when God became flesh, He was himself in the human form of Jesus. Both Jews and Gentiles understood that John was talking about a man who came who was God Himself. Do your kids know that?

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