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April 22, 2019
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April 21, 2008
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Dr. Meeker –

My husband received your book, Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters as a Christmas present and has yet had a chance to read the book. Though, on a recent business trip I decided I wanted to read the book even though I’m the mother and not the father. What a fantastic book! We are parents of a 14 year girl (and an 11 year boy) and are finding these years very challenging with our daughter. We have always been protective with our daughter and at this age she seems we need to “lighten up since she is in 9th grade”. That it’s okay to hang out at the mall in the evenings, go away with friends families we don’t know and text at all times of the day/night (I could go on and on). Your book was right on and reassured me we are doing the correct things and need to hold strong. It also helped me to understand my husband, their relationship and why he should continue fight for her. Plus, it helped me believe as mad as she gets with us that one day she will return and appreciate all that we have done (or all that she has not done).

It’s an incredible book and my husband will start reading it tonight! How about a book on mothers and their relationships with daughters? Thank you!


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