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Each week, Meg covers the most relevant parenting topics on her podcast. This week, she wants to hear from you. Share your most treasured Thanksgiving memories and traditions below.
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Weigh in on the most relevant parenting topics explored in the Parenting Great Kids podcast! This week, Meg wants to hear about your favorite Thanksgiving memories and traditions.

Meg’s Parenting Great Kids podcast features experts from the parenting and health industries each week, but we want to hear from you. The stories and insights that you share here are so valuable because they not only inform Meg’s content so she can provide you with customized advice, but allow YOU to cultivate honest, authentic conversations with Meg and other parents in her community.

You can leave a response through a “voicemail” by simply clicking on the “Record Your Message” button on the right. These responses will be collected and may be shared on Meg’s podcast, on her social media pages, and in the private Facebook community for parents: “The Fearless Parenting Community.”

Here are a few simple guidelines:

  • State your first name and where you’re calling from. 
  • Feel free to mention the age and gender of your child.
  • You can mention your website or blog, but don’t get too spammy. (You don’t need to mention the “www,” you can just give the URL.)
  • Keep your response under 1 minute. 
  • Limit one response per voicemail, but feel free to leave multiple voicemails!

NOTE: By submitting a response, you are giving permission for your insights to be shared publicly. Leave out any personal identifying details.

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