Answer the Three Most Important Questions Your Child Has

Your child will feel more stable and grow up with the knowledge that he is secure and loved.

Today, most of us are stuck in a performance trap with our children.  

Constantly providing we feel that we need to: 

  • Find them the right school
  • Feed them kale and whole grains and bake from scratch
  • Investigate immunizations until our eyes bleed.
  • Hire the best coach and register our kids in extra clinics just in case.
  • Buy the right clothes
  • Make sure they are happy 24/7
  • Work extra-long hours to afford the good stuff and then, of course, we must do right by ourselves!

You are not alone in feeling this way. 

I have dubbed this the “Crazy Train” Are you stuck on the crazy train too?

This parenting pace leaves us stressed out, anxious, and wanting to scream in frustration, and we also miss the whole point… 

Creating healthy, happy, and successful adults. 

When we answer these three questions, we build the core of our child.

What do you believe about me?

How do you feel about me?

What are your hopes for me?

A child who doesn’t have these questions answered is at risk, for life.

Our children become who we believe them to be.

Children don’t get answers on the soccer field, in the classroom, or on some stage, because you are not there with them. 

They get the real answers they need and desire when they are face to face with you! 

Our children are walking sponges before us: listening, watching and scouring our face for clues about who they are in our eyes so that they can soak up those messages. 

They then internalize those messages and their identity begins to form. 

We must pay very close attention to what we are communicating to our little (and even adult) sponges so that we answer the questions they need to be answered in a healthy way. 

This toolkit will prepare you to develop the answers to these 3 questions. Give your child a sense of safety, values, and love. 

  • Were Your Questions Answered? — Revisit your past and do therapeutic self-examination to reconcile issues possibly holding you back from answering these questions correctly for your children.
  • Find Your Bliss —  Working through this course will free you up to build confidence in your parenting, reduce your stress and help you enjoy parenting more.
  • Instill Character — When we answer these three questions, they are confident and healthy. Ultimately, we help shape their character.
  • Strengthen Your Relationship  — Enjoy a healthy and loving relationship with your child that has the capacity to grow over time.

This course will help you focus less on your performance as a mother or father and more on what you can be to them. 

  • Read several case studies in which families answered these questions at differing life stages and their unique experiences.
  • We will discuss: discipline, respecting your child and commanding respect from him.
  • Examine your past experiences and their effect on your parenting approach today.
  • Learn how you need to communicate your deep beliefs and win your child over as you deal with  tough issues.
  • Download 1: a Discussion Guide so you can answer the 3 questions ASAP.
  • Download 2: A motivation sheet to build character every day (verbally and nonverbally)!

Course Contents:

  • 5 Lessons
  • 5 Video Trainings
  • 5 Audio Trainings
  • 1 Downloadable eBook
  • 2 Downloadable Worksheets

"The needs of children, like every other good thing in life, are profoundly simple, and any parent can fill them in any child.” - Dr. Meg

Dear Parent,

You deserve to enjoy being a parent. And your child needs to enjoy more of you and less of the stuff that you do for him.

I have read countless parenting and child development books, research articles from psychiatry and psychology journals and read the Bible for one reason: to find out what a child really needs in order to be happy.

I am happy to say that after 30 years of being a mother and pediatrician, I believe I have found it. 

 A child’s needs are filled when a parent answers three foundational questions: what do you believe about me, how do you feel about me and what are your hopes for me? 

But here’s the tricky part—answering them requires that we parents do a little soul searching in order to find out what we really believe, feel and hope for our children. 

As we answer these, we come face to face with disappointments we feel toward our children, feelings, and beliefs about them that shouldn’t spill onto their shoulders but onto another person from many years earlier in our childhood. 

Unless we answer these questions, our kids will never be happy.

There might be important questions unanswered in your life. You might not even know what those questions are supposed to be, but you feel the loss. 

It is the reason that many adults continue to feel insecure, depressed or feel the angst in their lives... because their questions weren’t answered, or they were answered in a very painful way. 

If you don’t address the answers now, you risk the chance of lifelong behavioral issues and pain.

Let’s dig into this; I can’t wait to see how Answer the 3 Most Important Questions Your Child Has will change your home for the better!

Your friend, 

-- Meg Meeker, MD

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