Busting Bad Behaviors

How to put a stop to your child's rudeness, defiance, or any other negative behavior that drives you crazy.

You CAN get through to your child, but first, you need to understand them.  

Are these behaviors driving you crazy? 

  • Yelling
  • Backtalk
  • Rudeness
  • Disobedience
  • Sibling Squabbles

It is beyond frustrating when your child blatantly disrespects you.  

It feels like no matter how loud you yell or how many things you take away… you are simply not being heard. 

She plugs her ears, so you resort to screaming your head off.

He won’t get into bed, so you cave and turn on the TV.

Keep reading if you’re at your wit’s end...

Here’s the truth:

At some point in every parent’s life, your kid will disobey.

It’s a natural part of childhood, pushing against boundaries and seeking independence. 

What’s not natural, though, is deliberate defiance. This is when no matter how many times you repeat yourself or how many punishments you implement, your child just will not listen.

Every parent finds themselves at a crossroads when trying to control their child.

Defiance in children signals a lack of self-control, which is detrimental to development and success later in life.

If you don’t address defiance NOW, you risk the chance of lifelong behavioral issues in your child that could manifest in dangerous ways.

Good news— tackling childhood defiance is easier than you think.

If you’re currently “waiting it out” or hoping the next time-out tip you pull off a mommy blogger site will do the trick...

You can stop defiance in its track just by getting consistent and strategic when disciplining. 

This course equips parents with practical strategies, downloadable exercises, and step-by-step instructions to empower parents to handle defiance on a consistent, daily basis. 

  • Gain Behavioral Insight — Understand where your child is developmentally so you can communicate rules clearly.
  • Interpret Your Child’s Actions — Learn the difference between severe defiance and normal developmental behaviors for more effective parenting.
  • Find Your Voice —  Boost your confidence when you learn to replace your emotional reactions to defiance with consistent, pediatrician-approved discipline techniques.
  • Prioritize Correction — Apply the 8-Step Solution and the principles within it so you can correct bad behavior in children of any age.
  • Effective Consequences  — Develop age-appropriate consequences tailored to your child and build strategies to maintain consistency and withstand pushback.

Learn to recognize defiant behaviors in your child so you can steer them in the right direction.

  • The hidden truth about what causes defiance on a developmental level, so you can stop bad behavior at the SOURCE.
  • The first step to healthy discipline, which will reframe your entire perspective as a parent.
  • An 8-step solution that will help you tackle ANY issue with patience and clarity. 
  • Download 1: a Defiance Guide that matches effective consequences to misbehaviors at every age.
  • Download 2: a Discipline Diagram that helps you identify how your discipline relates to your

Course Contents:

  • 5 Lessons
  • 5 Video Trainings
  • 5 Audio Trainings
  • 1 Downloadable eBook
  • 2 Downloadable Worksheets

"I believe the difference between feeling scared or lost, and creating confidence in your parenting goals can come down to having a plan and getting the right tools for the job. This is your guide to tackling BAD behaviors, so you can focus on bringing out the BEST in your child.” - Dr. Meg

Dear Parent,

As a pediatrician of 30 years, I’ve watched my patients respond positively and negatively to their parents, I learned the key to eliminating defiant behavior actually starts with your behavior as a parent. 

If you’re wondering if you must be doing something wrong, you need to ask yourself these questions:

  • Do your consequences tie directly to the act of defiance?
  • Are you consistent in your discipline approach?
  • Are you setting clear boundaries and rules?
  • Are you communicating age appropriately for your child’s comprehension level? 
  • Are you responding or reacting?

I’ve helped thousands of parents target defiance in their kids for a happier home, and all it takes is a PLAN. 

Effectively managing and understanding defiance is in your grasp, you just need to develop this awareness. 

I’ll show you how; I can’t wait to see how Dealing with Everyday Defiance will change your home and parenting for the better!

Your friend, 

-- Meg Meeker, MD

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