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“Before I became a parent, I wish I knew there was more to discipline than punishment. It's teachable moments and opportunities for growth. It takes commitment and do-overs and a whole lotta love.”

- miranda c.

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You can learn how to discipline consistently without yelling or losing your temper.

One Principle

Believe it or not, there is one principle that affects your discipline style more than anything else.

3 Simple Strategies

Diffuse challenging parenting situations with your kids when you apply these three effective strategies.

Use Love to Win

Learn how to get your kids to behave without scaring or alienating them, all while earning their love and respect.

My plan has worked for them, and I GUARANTEE it will work for you.

I never knew how to react when my children misbehaved. Meg helped me and my husband make a plan so that we're never shooting from the hip."

the williams family

Dr. Meg's trainings have made having a 3-year-old a lot easier. We've changed the way we talk about our daughter and redirect others on how the categorize her behavior. We absolutely love Dr. Meg's approach and practical knowledge.”


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Our Kids Grow Up So Fast

The way I see it, we have an opportunity to make one of two crucial choices:
  1. Learn how to discipline, build character in our children, and create a harmonious home...
  2. Or change nothing and suffer through endless fighting and contention, resulting a broken relationships, broken hearts, and ultimately, broken lives.
I'm so glad you're here!

I'm Meg Meeker MD, a practicing pediatrician, coach, and author.

I realized early on that the best way for me to help my patients was to help empower their parents.

I can’t wait to share a few simple tools with you that will help you take your parenting to the next level.

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Read these reviews from real parents who are taking parenting to the next level with Dr. Meg as their coach.
“Practical ways to create a more positive and loving environment for parents and children. I'm soaking it all up! Thanks Dr Meg!”
Vicki C.
“She speaks with great insight into the lives of parents. She is a medical practitioner with much hands on experience in dealing with the lives of young people and has seen first hand the results of some parenting. .She has a heart to impart skills to as many as will receive from her , to struggling parents she is a lifeline of hope and practical compassionate advice. .She is an author of several very helpful books on parenting and I believe a gift to those who struggle with real life issues with their children.”
Jacqueline B.
“Meg has given me the permission to be the leader (not necessarily the the friend)in my children’s lives. She advocates for kids, and has a gift for understanding what they might need. I love her perspective!”
Heather B.
“Yes I recommend Dr. Meg without any reservations. She helped me refocused my life in relation to my kids. Her books helped me clarify my role as a father and how important my presence in their lives is. As a result , I went back to my wife and kids after a separation . Thank you Dr.Meeker you change lives”
Eddie R.
“I have only read one book but love her honesty and understanding. I will be a lifetime reader and community member.”
Jean B.
“There is NO doubt that Dr Meg Meeker has given me a big huge encouraging hug DIRECTLY through her course. I'm so thankful I found it! Every parent should listen, no matter the age of their child to Dr. Meg’s advice!”
JoBeth H.
“I love listening to Dr.Meg’s podcasts and reading her E-books because they are interesting and full of good information on how to navigate this world with our children.”
Nahir B.
“I love Dr. Meg’s parenting outlook. I'm in my 70's now but your lessons are nothing but the truth and have made a better grandmother. Thank you.”
Jen M.
“I just finished Dr.Meg’s course Discipline with Courage & Kindness, so good. If you have time to complain about your kids, for any reason, then you absolutely have time to read & learn. Wisdom is out there. I feel like she is a beacon of hope for parents everywhere.”
Casey D.
“Dr. Meg’s advice is so need by many. She has taught me being a good father is my most important job in life.”
Gary R.
“I first heard of Dr. Meg when looking for help sleep training my son. I was hooked after that. Her no nonsense guidance has helped my husband and I through so many new parent challenges. She is a wonderful teacher and woman.”
Lucy T.
“Dear Meg, I just watched your Ted Talk about Fathers. It moved me to tears. I'm a father of 4 and work so hard to be a good Dad to them. They have had to endure a divorce recently and it has been so hard on them and myself. I wish every parent, Mom, Dad could see your talks and read your books. I have 14 years until my youngest is out of high school and that's 14 years to be a good Dad and a good role model to my children. Thank you for giving me hope.”
Rob N.
“Dr. Meg’s advice is concise, clear, and easy to implement immediately. If you are a parent looking for an approach to raising your children with values, she is the answer.”
Shelley K.
“I feel like Meg Meeker’s writing speaks to my heart. She is an expert, a doctor, but she is also a real mother. Thank you for creating amazing tools for mothers everywhere.”
Jennifer Y.
“ The only problem with Dr. Meg’s books is they move me to tears and can’t be read in public if you are a softie. She truly hits the human experience of being a parent. She has helped me let go of bad tactics and embrace an approach that expresses the love I feel for my daughters.”
Jack K.
“Dr. Meg’s course is packed with truth and simple solutions to putting your family on the right track for the future.”
Goldie A.
“ Dear Meg, Thank you for giving a responsible opinion and advice to parents who have gone through or are currently going through issues with their child. I appreciate your no-judgement and understand approach.”
Jeanie M.
“Every father, especially those with daughters obviously, would be better off having read this work by physician Meg Meeker. She encourages Dads stepping up and being Dads, she doesn't try to feminize men but rather encourages Dads to reach into their masculinity for the strength needed to be there for their family even when that angry teen or adult child is lashing out or running away. Meeker speaks from experience both personal and from her career, she gives stats, she gives hope, she give advice, she inspires and seeks to motivate every Dad to be a Dad.”
Zac R.
“I have never found parenting advice that was not only practical but medically sound. Dr.Meg’s course is unique in a world full of so called experts.”
Ben F.
“Thanks Meg Meeker for this exceptional and invaluable book on being a dad in this dangerous culture we face. I appreciate your personal insights as a daughter, the rich detailed case studies and the constant and confident delivery of ready to use practical advice. I have been corrected, challenged and empowered in my journey towards being a great father to three special girls.”
David B.
“Love that Meg writes from the facts she's researched and the cases she's encountered as pediatrician. The parenting advice is realistic, spelled out clearly, and backed up with evidence.”
Cora Lee D.
“Dr. Meg’s course Is written very straightforward and is loaded with page after page of helpful information. It’s helped me understand my three daughters so much better and has helped me take my relationship with them from good to great! I think this is a MUST read for all Fathers with daughters.”
John S.
“ Meg Meeker has helped me get rid of fears that I wasn’t a good mom. Instead her support, strategy, and truth has made me grow instead.”
Joanna P.
“I first found Dr. Meg while listening to Dave Ramsey on the radio. Since then I have bought her ebooks. She puts things into perspective as a physician with years of clinical experience. She is well balanced with no over the top recommendations. I trust her advice.”
Ashley K.
“My son is 18, so I was late in discovering Meg Meeker. However, the information she provides is relevant and can even be applied in building perspective and strategies to effectively continue strengthening my relationship with my son as a college student.”
Karina O.
“Dr.Meg is a resource that I will be referencing for the rest of my life.”
Renee P.
“I have failed less daily as a parent because I have implemented Dr. Meg’s advice.”
Desine R.
“I am a super emotional mama and Dr. Meg’s common sense approach is so helpful.”
Desine R.
“Dr. Meg is a go-to expert for parents who want to raise their children with character and values. She offers a wealth of knowledge.”
Darla H.
“I’ve had so many aha moments learning from Dr. Meg she has strengthened my parenting perspective and its made me a happier mother.”
Kylie F.

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