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Parenting Great Kids Podcast gathers the brightest minds in the parenting and medical community to give you the best advice for raising healthy and happy kids.
Dave Ramsey
Personal Money-Management Expert & Popular National Radio Personality
David Tyree
Author, Father, Motivational Speaker, & NFL Athlete
Laura Ingraham
Host of "The Laura Ingraham Podcast" & Fox News Channel's "The Ingraham Angle", Best-Selling Author
Dr. Joshua Straub
Speaker, Author, & Family & Leadership Coach
Dr. Henry Cloud
Acclaimed Leadership Expert, Psychologist, & Best-Selling Author
Christy Beam
Mother, Inspirational Speaker, & Best-Selling Author
Rachel Cruze
New York Times Best-Selling Author & Speaker
David A.R. White
Actor, Screenwriter, Producer
Dr. Les Parrott
Best-Selling Author, Professor of Psychology, Ordained Minister, Creator, & Founder
Michael Jr.
Comedian, Author, & Director
Benjamin Watson
Former NFL Player, Father, Husband, & NFL Players Association Committee Member
Bob Goff
Best-Selling Author, Founder of "Love Does", Diplomat & Honorary Consul
Philip Rivers
NFL Icon, Husband, Father, Advocate, & Community Leader
Jim Daly
Husband, Father, Author, President & Host of "Focus on the Family"
Crystal Paine
Founder of, Wife, Mother, Author, & Speaker
Chris Hogan
Host, Speaker, & Best-Selling Author
Tsh Oxenreider
Author, Founder, Podcast Host, & voice of "The Art of Simple"
Mark Merrill
Founder & President of "Family First", Author
Susan Merrill
Author, Founder of iMom, Mother, & Content Director for "Family First"
Nichole Nordeman
Award-Winning Christian Music Recording Artist & Author
Steven Curtis Chapman
Singer, Songwriter, Author, Dad, Husband, & Most Awarded Artist in Christian Music History
Candace Payne
Author, Media Sensation, & Motherhood Teacher
Dr. Sander Weckstein
Board-Certified Child, Adolescent, & Adult Psychiatrist
Erica Komisar
Leading Psychoanalyst & Parenting Coach
Christy Wright
Certified Business Coach, Entrepreneur, Author, Wife, Mother
Dr. Emerson Eggerichs
Best-Selling Author, Speaker, & Expert on Male-Female Relationships
Tucker Carlson
Host of "Tucker Carlson Tonight" & Best-Selling Author
Victor Marx
Husband, Father, USMC Veteran, Founder, Humanitarian, Speaker, & Youth Advocate
Roger Marsh
Host of "The Bottom Line"
Tim Winter
President of the Parents Television Council
Becky Thompson
Wife, Mother, & Author
Robert Beeson
Father, Founder of Essential Records and iShine, & Author
Candace Cameron Bure
Actress, Producer, Best-Selling Author, & Inspirational Speaker
Dr. Kevin Leman
Psychologist & New York Times Best-Selling Author
Jessica Turner
Award-Winning Marketing Professional, Blog Founder, Author, & Mom
Tom Kersting
Author, TV Host, Contributor, Psychotherapist, Husband, & Father


Your questions, answered by those who know parenting best.

complete list of episodes

Thousands of parents tune in weekly for Dr. Meg’s practical episodes jam-packed with wisdom and insight.
Episode 1
#1: What Your Kids Want Most
Your kids want time with you. In this first episode, Dr. Meg explains how parents can learn how to listen, develop a plan, & make their kids feel important!
Episode 2
#2: Parenting Your Child's Inner World (with guest Dave Ramsey)
Your child’s world is both internal & external. Dr. Meg shares how to focus on their inner world of integrity & acceptance.
Episode 3
#3: The Three Big Questions
Let's talk about the three questions your child needs you to answer! Uncover the key to real happiness for your child.
Episode 4
#4: Dads Wanted! (with guest David Tyree)
Dr. Meg takes a truthful look at who fathers really are, and why they must pursue their kids and not take them personally.
Episode 5
#5: Happier Parents Have Happy Kids
Here is how to overcome your emotional issues so you can impact your kids positively.
Episode 6
#6: Dr. Meg's Story
Experience Dr. Meg's journey to parenting expert and her motivation for raising great kids.
Episode 7
#7: The Strong-Willed Child (with guest Laura Ingraham)
If you have a willful child and you feel like the relationship has become defined by wins or losses, fatigue, and guilt, then this episode is custom built for you.
Episode 8
#8: Yes You Can! (with guest John O'Leary)
Parents, you need to be reminded of your value, importance and ability. You'll remember all three in this episode.
Episode 9
#9: What We Say Matters
Parents, your words matter. You have the power to either offer blessings or curses. Let’s get intentional about what you say around your children and how you say it to them.
Episode 10
#10: The Text Generation (with guest Dr. Joshua Straub)
Dr. Meg provides some simple, practical steps to help you to have a healthy reply and exchange with your children.
Episode 11
#11: Conversations From The Road (with Dr. Henry Cloud)
Learn the unfiltered truth of subjective parenting fears and separating ourselves from the emotion of conversations with our kids.
Episode 12
#12: A Mother's Hope, A Child's Miracle (with guest Christy Beam)
How to overcome the fear of losing control as a parent and managing the complexities of fear.
Episode 13
#13: Kids & Money (with guest Rachel Cruze)
How contentment and comparisons that parents face impact our children negatively.
Episode 14
#14: Helping Your Kids Dream Big (with guest David A.R. White)
How to realistically support and encourage your child's dreams while protecting family values.
Episode 15
#15: When Mom or Dad is Ill (Parenting Through Adversity)
Learn how to respond with character to adversity as a parent and individual.
Episode 16
#16: Teaching Children Service & Gratitude
Developing gratitude and service starts at home. Here is how to ensure your children have an appreciation for their blessings!
Episode 17
#17: The Holidays (You Can Actually Enjoy Them)
Dr. Meg discusses the common issues we face during the holidays and how to overcome them in order to enjoy our family time!
Episode 18
#18: Conversations From The Road (with Dr. Les Parrott)
A relationship expert shares how parents can prep their kids for marriage.
Episode 19
#19: Conversations from the Road (with Michael Jr.)
How to priortize your parenting regardless of your schedule.
Episode 20
#20: Raising Successful Kids (with guest Dr. Tim Elmore)
Learn how to ensure your children grow into healthy and happy adults by prioritizing leadership.
Episode 21
#21: Talking to Your Kids About Race & Diversity (with guest Benjamin Watson)
Raising kids that have a healthy view of race and diversity is important; here is how to ensure that your child is accepting of diversity by teaching it at home.
Episode 22
#22: Talking to Your Kids About Sex
Here is how to discuss sexuality with your child in a healthy and age-appropriate manner.
Episode 23
#23: Sleep Issues in Kids (with guest Dr. Bill Sears)
Dr. Meg talks with Dr. Bill Sears, the “sleep guru” as she calls him, about how to handle sleep issues in kids.
Episode 24
#24: Raising a Child With ADHD
Dr. Meg talks to you as a parent of ADHD and helps you figure out how to make great choices for your child.
Episode 25
#25: Raising Great Girls (with guest Dr. Leonard Sax)
Dr. Meg talks with Dr. Sax about many of the struggles parents have these days and his advice on how to raise girls in a society determined to knock you off course.
Episode 26
#26: Raising Great Boys (with guest Dr. Leonard Sax)
Dr. Meg talks with Dr. Sax about the challenges boys face and how you can raise strong, self-confident young men.
Episode 27
#27: Courageous Parenting (with guests Bob and Maria Goff)
Learn how to practice courage as a parenting team with relationship insight from Bob and Maria Goff.
Episode 28
#28: Growing Up Ramsey (with guests Dave Ramsey's kids)
Dave Ramsey's kids talk about how their father’s strong parenting shaped them into the adults they are today.
Episode 29
#29: Being a HERO Dad (with guest Philip Rivers)
NFL quarterback talks to Dr. Meg about being a HERO dad and practicing leadership on and off the field.
Episode 30
#30: Helping Your Spouse Be A Better Parent (with guest Dr. Linda Mintle)
You can help your spouse be a better parent when you understand how to communicate effectively, taking notes from relationship therapist and author Dr. Linda.
Episode 31
#31: When Parenting Isn't Perfect (with guest Jim Daly)
Here's how to embrace a healthier perspective on parenting and let go of the pressures perfection brings.
Episode 32
#32: Raising Emotionally Healthy Kids (with guest Dr. Joshua Straub)
Dr. Josh gives you practical advice for your marriage that translates into teaching your kids to express their emotions in a healthy way.
Episode 33
#33: Goodbye, Perfect! A Show for Moms (with guest Crystal Paine)
Social media feeds are full of “picture-perfect” parents, kids, and meals. Here is how to combat the comparison game and eradicate the perils of perfection.
Episode 34
#34: Helping Kids Navigate Message From Media (with guest Anthony Weber)
Learn to teach your kids how to understand contemporary media messages as they develop their identities.
Episode 35
#35: The Text Generation (with guest Dr. Joshua Straub)
Find expert advice on ensuring safe and healthy interactions with technology for your kids.
Episode 36
#36: Kids & Faith (with guest Abdu Murray)
Learn how to develop faith in your child and strengthen your spirituality as a family.
Episode 37
#37: Raising a Child With Special Needs (with guests Chris and Melissa Hogan)
One of the best ways to overcome the challenges of raising a child with special needs is to learn from other families.
Episode 38
#38: Teaching Your Kids About Other Cultures (with guest Tsh Oxenreider)
Here is how to instill an appreciation of culture and travel in your children.
Episode 39
#39: Healthy Marriages, Healthy Families (with guests Mark and Susan Merrill)
Understand the effects of marriage on your family's health and ultimately, the health of your kids’ future marriages and families.
Episode 40
#40: Learning to Slow Down (with guest Nichole Nordeman)
The busy pace of life raising a family can be daunting— here's how to navigate a busy schedule and enjoy life in the process.
Episode 41
#41: The Hope of Adoption (with guests The Chapman Family)
Learn how to get involved and help break down barriers between waiting children and loving families in this adoption-themed episode.
Episode 42
#42: Experiencing Defiant Joy (with guest Candace Payne)
Inspiring guest Candace tells her story about choosing joy despite extremely difficult life experiences.
Episode 43
#43: Kids & Money (with guest Rachel Cruze)
Dave Ramsey’s daughter and financial expert Rachel Cruze gives you some great advice for handling the topic of kids and money around the holidays.
Episode 44
#44: Courageous Parenting (with guests Bob and Maria Goff)
Learn how to recognize your strengths collectively and individually as parents so you can coparent in harmony.
Episode 45
#45: Raising Successful Kids (with guest Dr. Tim Elmore)
Here's how to raise successful kids and nurture leadership in your child for a brighter future.
Episode 46
#46: Establishing Safety & Structure
With questions ranging from feeding schedules for newborns to dealing with shy personalities, “America’s Favorite Mom” helps you navigate many tricky situations.
Episode 47
#47: Children & Anxiety (with guest Dr. Sander Weckstein)
Learn how to recognize the signs that your children are struggling with anxiety and how to overcome problems associated with anxiety.
Episode 48
#48: Connecting Better With Your Kids (with guest Nathan Rittenhouse)
Dr. Meg and her guest share insights on developing deeper connections with our kids now and in the future.
Episode 49
#49: Motherhood & Being Present For Your Kids (with guest Erica Komisar)
Dr. Meeker brings in Erica Komisar, LCSW, to talk about how to establish emotional connections with your kids at an early age to promote emotional health and well-being.
Episode 50
#50: Finding Balance For Working Moms (with guests Christy Wright and Rachel Cruze)
Here's how to find healthy work-life balance as a working mom and combat "mommy shaming".
Episode 51
#51: Raising Strong Sons (with guest Dr. Emerson Eggerichs)
In this episode, Dr. Meg dives into helping mothers (and fathers) raise strong sons with male-female relationship expert Dr. Eggerichs.
Episode 52
#52: Disciplining Children (with guests Rachael Herrscher and Cassi Reece)
How to discipline your children with consistency and what we can learn along the way as parents.
Episode 53
#53: Solutions for Issues Between Siblings
No topic off limits in this jam-packed parent Q&A, from tantrums to teen drinking.
Episode 54
#54: Raising Kind Kids, Part 1 (with guest Dr. Thomas Lickona)
Practical advice that will help you on your journey to raising kids that are filled with kindness, Part 1.
Episode 55
#55: Raising Kind Kids, Part 2 (with guest Dr. Thomas Lickona)
Practical advice that will help you on your journey to raising kids that are filled with kindness, Part 2.
Episode 56
#56: Reading Aloud to Your Kids (with guest Sarah MacKenzie)
How to promote reading and literacy as a parent and connect with your children in the process.
Episode 57
#57: The Importance of Fathers, Part 1 (with guest Tucker Carlson)
Dr. Meg and Tucker talk about being the father of four kids, his relationship with his father, and the state of fatherhood in America today.
Episode 58
#58: The Importance of Fathers, Part 2 (with guest Tucker Carlson)
The second of two episodes devoted entirely to talk about how important fathers are for their children and families.
Episode 59
#59: High Risk Missions (with guest Victor Marx)
Overcoming trauma is difficult but not impossible; hear this inspiring survivor's journey.
Episode 60
#60: Dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (with guest Victor Marx)
PTSD is not weakness or a life sentence: here's what you need to know.
Episode 61
#61: Living With & Alongside Autism (with guest Tammy Morris)
Learn about the autism spectrum disorder and how to better connect with family, friends, and peers with autism.
Episode 62
#62: Discipline With Courage and Kindness (with guest interviewer Roger Marsh)
This time, Meg takes the hot seat! Learn how your parenting style is affecting your discipline.
Episode 63
#63: Screen Time With Your Kids, Part 1 (with guest Tim Winter)
How media affects our kids and what we can do about it, Part 1.
Episode 64
#64: Screen Time With Your Kids, Part 2 (with guest Tim Winter)
How media affects our kids and what we can do about it, Part 2.
Episode 65
#65: Gender Identity Issues, Part 1 (with guest Dr. Leonard Sax)
Studies and strategies for navigating gender identity, Part 1.
Episode 66
#66: Gender Identity Issues, Part 2 (with guest Dr. Leonard Sax)
Studies and strategies for navigating gender identity, Part 2.
Episode 67
#67: Motherhood and Marriage (with guest Becky Thompson)
You CAN balance being a great mother and a great wife: here's how.
Episode 68
#68: Advice For Single Fathers (with guest Robert Beeson)
Single parents, you are not alone. Every parent has the right to thrive.
Episode 69
#69: Candace Center Stage (with guest Candace Cameron Bure)
Candace Bure on perseverance, and tips for stay-at-home parents!
Episode 70
#70: Unshakeable Hope (with guest Max Lucado)
Learn how God's promises can give us strength during the trials of everyday life.
Episode 71
#71: When Your Kids Hurt (with guest Dr. Kevin Leman)
You can't take away your child's pain, but you can help heal it.
Episode 72
#72: Stretched Too Thin (with guest Jessica Turner)
Let's talk about the real secret to active and energized parenting: self-care.
Episode 73
#73: Diets, Defiance, and Damaging Attitudes
Everyday parenting questions, from sibling rivalries to special needs, answered.
Episode 74
#74: Kids and Screens: Help for Parents (with guest Tom Kersting)
Learn how to reconnect with (and protect) your children in the digital age.
Episode 75
#75: Marriage and Your Kids (with guest Dr. Les Parrott)
How to strengthen your relationship with your partner and your kids at the same time.

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