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Max Lucado is a best-selling Christian author and writer and preacher at Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas. Lucado says he “writes books for people who don’t read books.’ Even so, his best-selling books have sold 100 million copies across 54 languages worldwide. Since his first book "On the Anvil" was published in 1985, Max Lucado has been sharing the promises of God in sermons, books, articles and media interviews. His writing is also featured in videos, devotionals, songs, plush toys, greeting cards, booklets, Bible studies, and Bible commentaries. 130 million of these products have been sold around the globe. His books regularly appear on national bestseller lists including the New York Times. His latest (updated and re-launched) book, "3:16 - The Numbers of Hope" is available now wherever books are sold!

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John 3:16 is one of the most familiar passages in the Bible - a verse that many may be able to recite by memory - but have you taken the time to truly ponder its great significance? In this episode, best-selling author Max Lucado joins Dr. Meg to discuss the powerful and timeless truths found within this beloved scripture. A self-described “open book”, Max willingly shares from his own personal experiences, as he addresses John 3:16 truths such as:

·   God’s “whoever” policy

·   God’s “whenever” policy

·   The invitation of John 3:16 easily seen throughout the world

·   God is a God of love and justice

·   The question many of us ask: Can God forgive someone like me?

·   Hell: Not for those who struggle and stumble, but for those who rebel and succeed

In this thought-provoking and passionate discussion, Max describes the all-encompassing, all-inviting promise that God extends to every individual person on earth through John 3:16.



Max Lucado and Dr. Meg continue their conversation, discussing the beautiful invitation and promise of God found in John 3:16.


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