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Tovares and Safa Grey are believers, husband and wife, and parents to two. Tovares launched the Godly Dating 101 ministry in 2012 as a single individual trying to learn to date God's way, while helping others do the same. The Greys have grown the ministry to include a top rated podcast with more than 3.5 million downloads, and a new book, Godly Dating 101. They have connected with millions of individuals who desire to honor Jesus in their relationships. They currently reside in Tampa, Florida.

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Practicing pediatrician, parent, grandparent, coach, speaker, and author. Say hello @MegMeekerMD


With humor and empathy, Tovares & Safa Grey share examples from their own dating experiences, in an effort to help guide young Christians into developing godly, authentic and healthy dating relationships prior to marriage. “We want to reassure this generation that you are not weird and your standards are not too high simply because you choose to obey the Bible. You can date in a way that pleases God, and we are the proof that God wants to do great things in your life, and in your relationship, without you having to compromise or follow in society’s footsteps.”

Some topics covered in this episode include:

·   What is godly dating? Is dating even biblical?

·   Navigating the current “hook-up culture” / “friends with benefits” types of relationships

·   Maintaining integrity and boundaries in a dating relationship

·   Dealing with pervasive peer pressure -- both in person and on social media

·   The Non-Negotiable List & The Preference List

·   Red-flags that parents (and kids) should be on the look out for in dating relationships


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