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Julie Revelant is a health journalist, B2B healthcare content marketing strategist and copywriter, founder of and the  host of the “Food Issues” podcast, where she tackles the real challenges around feeding kids and offers practical insight to help organizations, communities and parents create change. 

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Practicing pediatrician, parent, grandparent, coach, speaker, and author. Say hello @MegMeekerMD

Is your child a picky eater? Does he or she suffer from childhood obesity or perhaps a chronic disease resulting from unhealthy eating? If so, you are not alone! Health Journalist and “Food Issues” podcast host Julie Revelant joins Dr. Meeker in discussing these important issues. Be armed with proven tips that can help you train your child to become a healthier eater. As you make wiser food choices yourself, and model better eating habits, your children will be encouraged to do the same, resulting in positive improvements in overall health.


Dr. Meeker welcomes guest Julie Revelant to the Parenting Great Kids podcast.


Dr. Meg and Julie Revelant discuss some of the biggest eating issues that parents encounter with their kids.



Dr. Meg and Julie Revelant continue their conversation about kids and healthy eating.


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