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Irene  Ericksen is a Senior Research Associate at The Institute for Research  & Evaluation, an agency known for its work  evaluating school-based sex education for over 25 years. She is  recognized internationally for her expertise in teen sexual risk prevention and  has provided expert testimony to state, national, and international  governmental bodies. She has recently completed a review of the research on  key questions about gender identity confusion in adolescents.

Mary AnneMosack is the President/CEO of Ascend, a national organization empowering youthto make healthy choices about sex, relationships, and marriage through SexualRisk Avoidance (SRA) education. She is a developer of Ascend’s nationallyrecognized Sexual Risk Avoidance Certification Course credentialing over3,000 SRA educators across America.


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Practicing pediatrician, parent, grandparent, coach, speaker, and author. Say hello @MegMeekerMD

In this episode, Dr. Meeker continues her discussion about transgender and kids with Irene Ericksen and Mary Anne Mosack.


Some Topics Covered:

·        Kids who deal with gender confusion also are dealing with other issues, such as, autism, OCD, anxiety and depression.

·        Most start the transgender process without treating the actual cause of why these kids are feeling this way.

·        We need to treat the whole person and not just the problems.

·        Biology plays a factor in procreation because we need both males and females to do so.

·        Kids are being influenced in school and on the internet that they can be any gender orientation that they want to be in order to fit into today’s culture.

·        Parent’s can stand up and fight this based on the information that is not backed up by facts.

·        The curriculum schools use is not sanctioned by the government.

·        Having respect for your child’s feelings and emotions can build the trust between you in order to address these hard topics.

·        Praise your child/children for coming to you with any of their feelings, emotions, or discomfort.

·        Five Major Points That Parent’s and Policy Makers should know:

1.    Research evidence does not support medical intervention for transgender confused minors or children.

2.    Medical transition procedures have not been shown to reduce teen suicide.

3.    Childhood gender dysphoria usually dissipates on it’s own by adulthood.

4.    The dramatic increase in gender dysphoria in the past decade is likely being driven by social influence.

5.    Sex education for early elementary children, including content about transgender ideology has not been shown by scientific research to be beneficial.




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