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When you first have kids, it seems like they will never grow to the next stage, and you continually ask when will my child learn how to do certain things. It feels like parents are always trying to quickly move through their kids’ childhoods so quickly, but when you do that you miss out on some of the greatest joys in life. There are strong bonds and relationships that take work to form, and if you just look to speed past where you are and move on to the next thing, you really miss out on the opportunity to raise great kids! That’s why Dr. Meg sits down to talk with Dr. Carrie Quinn about different strategies and tips on being a positive parent and also building strong parent-child relationships. Dr. Quinn is Dr. Carrie Quinn is the Executive Director of the Mount Sinai Parenting Center, and she is a board-certified pediatrician and worked in private practice for six years prior to joining the Department of Pediatrics at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in 2012. This gives her the perfect background to discuss ways parents can build strong relationships and be a positive parent to their children! Also in this episode, Dr. Meg will give you her points to ponder and answers a question from a mother about how to have “the talk” with her teenage son. If you have a question you want Dr. Meeker to answer in a future episode, email them to support@meekerparenting.com and listen to see if your question is featured next!


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2:01 – WELCOME

Dr. Meg introduces the topic “Promoting Positive Parenting and Strong Parent-Child Relationships”. She also introduces her guest, Dr. Carrie Quinn and teases her points to ponder.


Dr. Meg talks with Dr. Carrie Quinn about different strategies to be a positive parent and how you can build stronger relationships with your children while they still live at home.

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Dr. Meg talks with Dr. Carrie Quinn about different strategies to be a positive parent and how you can build stronger relationships with your children while they still live at home.


Dr. Meg gives you her points to ponder as you learn more about positive parenting and building strong parent-child relationships.


Dr. Meeker answers a question from Rainey about how to have “the talk” with her teenage son.



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