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Dr. Marty Makary is a New York Times best selling author and Johns Hopkins physician. He writes for The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal and is the recipient of the 2020 Business Book of the Year Award for The Price We Pay. A professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and Carey Business School, he has published over 250 scientific articles on the quality measurement, payment reform, and vulnerable populations. Dr. Makary has been elected to the National Academy of Medicine and is Editor-in-Chief of Medpage Today.

Clinically, Dr. Makary is chief of the Johns Hopkins Center for Islet Transplant Surgery and is the recipient of the Nobility in Science Award from the National Pancreas Foundation. He has been a visiting professor at over 20 universities. Dr. Makary is currently the PI of several grants aimed at reducing low-value care and lowering health care costs. He was the lead author of the original publications on the surgery checklist and later served in leadership at the World Health Organization.

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Dr. Marty Makary is a New York Times best-selling author, a Johns Hopkins physician and a public health researcher. With over 250 scientific articles published, Dr. Makary was elected to the National Academy of Medicine as Editor-in-Chief of MedPage Today. Listen in as Dr. Makary and Dr. Meeker discuss the pressing issue of vaccination amongst America’s youth. The two share their professional opinions, backed by years of research, to help parents make an educated opinion that’s best for their children.

MEG and guest DR. MARTY MAKARY  (PART 1)

Dr. Makary and Dr. Meeker share their doctoral perspectives on the covid vaccine as it pertains to children including:

  • The government mishandling of vaccines
  • Who should receive the covid vaccine
  • The political agenda behind the mass-vaccination push
  • The ethics of requiring an individual to get the vaccine for somebody else’s sake
  • Misconceptions regarding masks
  • The psychological effect of the pandemic on children



Dr. Makary explains how a lack of research regarding Covid treatments and protocols has led to political opinions filling in the gap with what research now proves to be misinformation. Both doctors discuss the government’s overreach that poses an ongoing threat to the licenses of medical professionals. Dr. Makary and Dr. Meeker also unpack the research that has been done regarding the psychological effects of this pandemic on children.


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