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Nicole White graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. in Communications and minor in Spanish. Though her education focused on journalism, Nicole offers nearly 10 years of experience in PR, Marketing, Event Coordination and Freelance Writing.

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Normal life for a military couple appears anything but ordinary. There’s long stretches of not hearing from your spouse, worries about their safety, and hopes that your family will be reunited after the tour of duty. How do you cope with being home without your partner? How do you deal with parenting together once he or she gets home? These are all normal questions, and that’s why Dr. Meg talks with Bo and Nicole White, an “average” military couple that has figured out how to make it work despite the hardships. After about a decade of military life, Bo and Nicole are settling down in Traverse City, MI, and trying to re-establish what “normal” looks like for them. Also in this episode, Dr. Meg gives you her points to ponder that you can start using right away! Dr. Meeker also answers a question from a mom about how to introduce her kids to her estranged father as they have begun asking questions about him recently. If you have a question you want Dr. Meeker to answer, email them to askmeg@megmeekermd.com and listen to future episodes to see if your question is featured!

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Dr. Meg introduces the topic “The Life of a Military Couple.” She also teases her conversation with Bo and Nicole White, as well as her points to ponder.


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Dr. Meg talks with Bo and Nicole White about what it’s like to parent together and separate as a military family.

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Dr. Meg talks with Bo and Nicole White about what it’s like to parent together and separate as a military family.


Dr. Meg gives you her points to ponder as you learn more about how to parent when one of you is absent in the military.


Today Dr. Meg answers a question from a mom, Suzanne, about how to introduce her kids to her estranged father as they have begun asking questions about him recently. Do you have a question for Dr. Meeker? Email Dr. Meg at askmeg@megmeekermd.com or tweet your question to her @MegMeekerMD.



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