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Martin "Marty" Makary is an American surgeon, New York Times bestselling author, and Johns Hopkins health policy expert. He has written for The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, TIME, Newsweek, CNN and appears on NBC and Fox News. He is the author of The Price We Pay, a book about how business leaders and families can lower their health care costs and the grass-roots movement to restore medicine to its mission. Dr. Makary practices surgical oncology and gastrointestinal surgery at the Johns Hopkins Hospital and teaches public health policy at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Makary works in health care innovation, quality measurement science, frail and vulnerable populations, and public health disparities. He served in leadership roles at the United Nations World Health Organization for the Safe Surgery Saves Lives initiative. Makary was named one of the most influential people in healthcare by Health Magazine in 2018, Makary was elected to the National Academy of Medicine.

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One of the biggest issues people in America face today is how the healthcare system hides pricing from its customers, the patients. In no other industry do you blindly hire someone for a service and agree to pay whatever price they deem appropriate after the service is completed. If you were to hire a person to build a fence, there’s no way to know how many nails or screws he or she will use or break, but what if there was a service fee for each one? This is how the healthcare system works. Surprises at every turn are ensuring that the only person that isn’t doing well financially in this process is the patent. This is where Dr. Marty Makary can help you become a much more savvy consumer of healthcare services. He and Dr. Meeker talk about how you as a patient, or parent of a patient, can be sure you aren’t being unnecessarily overcharged when you visit a hospital. Also in this episode, Dr. Meg will give you her points to ponder and answers a question from a mother about how to help her four year old daughter deal with her divorce. If you have a question you want Dr. Meeker to answer in a future episode, email them to support@meekerparenting.com and listen to see if your question is featured next!


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Dr. Meg introduces the topic “Unaccountable: What Hospitals Won’t Tell You.” She also teases her conversation with Dr. Daniel Amen, her points to ponder, as well as a question from a divorced mom asking about how to help her daughter deal with the divorce.


Dr. Meg talks with Dr. Marty Makary about how confusing and hidden hospital pricing can be and how you can be a smarter patient when you have to deal with hospital billing.

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Dr. Meg talks with Dr. Marty Makary about how confusing and hidden hospital pricing can be and how you can be a smarter patient when you have to deal with hospital billing.


Dr. Meg gives you her points to ponder as you learn more about holding hospitals accountable for their billing.


Dr. Meeker answers a question from Elizabeth who after her divorce is concerned with how to help her four year old daughter deal with bouncing back and forth between her house and the father’s house.



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