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Jonathan is a co-founder of NeedU.org. NeedU was created by Jonathan and two other individuals who shared a common experience….. they found it hard to ask for help in time of need. To solve this problem, they created a free platform that empowers all types of people, dealing with all types of situations, to ask for help and get the extra support they need.

Jonathan serves as Principal Director of Accenture, where he continues to focus on helping clients grow profitability by improving their cost position and fueling growth. He currently leads a sales center of excellence focused on Accenture’s Zero Based Budgeting (ZBx) offering. In this role, Jonathan supports and advises global teams on how to originate, sell and deliver ZBx work to Accenture’s clients.

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As we enter the season traditionally centered around kids getting gifts, it can be hard to help them remember that it’s better to give than to receive. For kids, this can be a hard concept to grasp. In light of this, Dr. Meg spends most of this episode giving you practical advice on how to teach your kids to be givers. Teaching them to have giving hearts teaches them about the value of other people being equal to their value, and it also helps get rid of any sense of entitlement. Dr. Meeker also talks to her friend Jonathan Wicksall about his organization NeedU.org where you can set up giving opportunities for people you know who are in need. Do you have a question for Dr. Meg to answer in an upcoming social question episode? If so, email them to askmeg@megmeekermd.com and listen to future episodes to see if your question is featured!



Dr. Meg starts this episode by introducing this special episode around the idea of giving and how it makes your kids happier in the long term. She also talks about her friend, Jonathan Wicksall’s organization NeedU.




In today’s episode Dr. Meeker talks with Jonathan Wicksall about his organization, NeedU, and how you can use their website to set up giving opportunities for people in need.



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