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The Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters Masterclass

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The Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters Masterclass

In 2006, I wrote Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters and it became a global bestseller. Dads (and moms) everywhere were impacted.
Here’s why: it helped fathers see themselves through their daughters’ eyes.

But there was a problem!

The book gave information that was eye-opening for dads, but it didn’t show them what to do with it! Dads weren't given the practical tools and action steps they needed to apply what they've learned in their daughters' lives.  

That’s why we’ve released the Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters Masterclass.

With profound, research-backed insights plus practical “do this, not this” action steps, this course gives dads a clear path to raising a strong, healthy, and happy daughter.

Course Outline

The Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters Masterclass consists of 10 Modules. Each module is divided into two parts - instruction and application.

Part one of each module ➡ you’ll receive research-backed insights into what your daughter needs to grow up strong, healthy, and happy.

Part two of each module ➡ you’ll get the practical tools and strategies you need to turn your insights into action!

As you go through this masterclass and apply the specific tools outlined, you'll begin to see a powerful change in your relationship with your daughter. And for all you mom's out there – you’ll begin to see a healthier, happier, stronger family.
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Module 1:
You are the Most Important Man in Her Life
Module 2:
She Needs a Hero
Module 3:
You are Her First Love
Module 4:
Teach Her Humility  
Module 5:
Protect and Defend Her
Module 6:
Capitalize on Your Pragmatism and Grit
Module 7:
Be the Man You Want Her to Marry
Module 8:
Teach Her Who God Is
Module 9:
Teach Her to Fight
Module 10:
Keep Her Connected

“A great gift for any dad and one of the best investments any dad could make in the future health and happiness of his daughter.”

– Scott M.

"Your guidance helped me to grow a wonderful lifelong relationship with my daughter, who has succeeded in life in wonderful ways."

– David M.

“…gives fathers a clear precribed vision, and plan for developing their daughters into a successful life.”

– Larry

“It doesn't matter if your daughter is only a few months old or if she is 40 years old, you have to get this and apply the God-given principles to raise, and nurture a healthy, mature, smart, and happy woman.”

– Octavio

“This struck a chord in my heart that honestly changed my life. Being the dad to a daughter is the greatest thing I've ever been blessed with and this showed me the tremendous responsibility we as fathers have to our daughters.”

– Bradley Z.

“Strong Daughters, Strong Fathers is an eye opening view into the powerful pressures our daughters face. The author discusses the overwhelming influences that girls have to deal with and gives fathers practical advice to raise strong, independent, and grounded women.”

– Jack

“Being a father is the most important job you'll ever have as a man. Be prepared. This will challenge you to a task important and fulfilling enough to be worth devoting your life to.”

– Unknown

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The Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters Masterclass

Build a foundation of love and connection with your daughter that will last her a lifetime.

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