Stay Sane in an Upside Down World

Parenting is tough enough without throwing a pandemic into the mix. Families can grow through this time together, rather than grit their way through by practicing these 7 strategies.

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Stay safe, sane, and bring your family closer together.

  • Lead with comfort and confidence

    Combat fear. Bring intention to your parenting with new habits, strategies, and healthy boundaries.

  • Dig deep and thrive during this time.

    Don’t just get through it — transform this shared trauma. Create opportunities for healing and growth for the entire family.

  • Focus on what’s critical for your child’s wellbeing

    Help your children release fear, channel boredom, and deal with the loss of friends, school activities, and personal space.

  • Give your child facts without fear.

    Understand what your child can handle emotionally and cognitively so you can ease their fears through this time.

  • Restore balance in your home using routine.

    Nourish your bodies and minds to thrive. Introduce daily schedules and routines to create stability and growth.

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"I never knew how to react when my children misbehaved. Meg helped me and my husband make a plan so that we're never shooting from the hip."
the williams family
"Dr. Meg's trainings have made our transition into having a 3-year-old a lot easier. We absolutely love Dr. Meg's approach and practical knowledge.”
the thomas family

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