Adult Children

Parenting never ends! Here's how to empower and guide your children for life.

Raising Successful & Capable Adult Children

Parents, your job isn't done when your kids turn 18.
Ask Dr. Meg: Am I holding my adult child back?

Is your young adult child struggling to reach independence? Use these tips to help them fly the nest and towards success.

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The 3 most common questions unhappy 25-year-olds ask of their parents

Understand how you can answer these questions TODAY, so your child will never have to ask them.

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A parenting expert's advice on sending your kids to college

Parents, sending our kids to college is a transition for you too — use these tips to ready yourself for this big milestone.

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On becoming an empty nester

Even though your child is an adult, you are entering into one of the toughest parenting stages.

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An inside look at the psychological effects of Instagram

Instagram can wreak havoc upon the developing egos of our young adult kids. Protect their self-esteem and be wary of social media.

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Dear Millennials — an open letter from a baby boomer parent

A must-read for all parents of millennials. Dr. Meg takes a moment to explore the dynamics between millennials and baby boomers.

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