Babies & Toddlers

Terrible twos no more! Here's how to master parenting in the early days.

Eating, Health & Sickness

From fevers and breastfeeding to the picky eater: medically-sound advice for a host of common health issues.
At-home remedies for the common cold, and when to call the doctor

As adults, the common cold isn't a big deal, but it is for young children — here's what you need to know.

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Ask Dr. Meg: Formula or breast milk? (And what about soy?)

Everything you need to know about formula, soy, pumping, and breast milk.

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Exposing your baby to screens — the risks you need to know about

The psychological and neurodevelopment of our babies is serious business.

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Ask Dr. Meg: Should I be worried about my baby's eating habits?

We all want our kids to eat well and grow up strong. Here's what's normal, and what's not.

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Ask Dr. Meg: How do you feel about vaccinating our children?

As a practicing pediatrician, let me share the science behind this hot-button topic.

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Finding a pediatrician you like and trust isn't always easy

Use these expert-approved tips to find the right doctor for your baby. Their health depends on it.

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The health benefits of breastfeeding

Many mothers feel pressured to breastfeed — here are health considerations every mom should be aware of.

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Reducing the risk of SIDS in your infant — what parents can do

There's a lot out of our control as parents. Surprisingly, SIDS isn't one of them.

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Ask Dr. Meg: What should I do when my baby has a cold? Help!

The question is whether to medicate or head to the doctor — use my game plan to make the right choice.

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Sleep & Potty

Fostering healthy sleep and bathroom habits early on.
How to get your baby to fall, and stay, asleep

The internet is full of misinformation about what infants need. Dr. Meg sets the record straight with infant sleep expert Dr. Sears.

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Correct your child's sleeping issues before it's too late

Want your child to sleep through the night? Establish healthy sleep habits now to set your child up for successful sleep training later.

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Is your child a healthy sleeper?

Dr. Meg and expert guest Dr. Bill Sears cover sleep issues your children may be experiencing that you can treat and prevent.

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Ask Dr. Meg: Should I be worried my 3-year-old isn't potty trained?

You're not alone here. Dr. Meg provides practical advice for every potty training parent.

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Read these pediatrician-recommended tips BEFORE sleep training your child

When it comes to sleep training, a firm foundation is crucial. Here's how to create healthy routines early on.

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How to make potty training painless (really!)

Dr. Meg guides parents through their child's developmental changes so you can find the best training method for them.

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The 7-day guide to sleep training, without the trauma

Apply these expert-approved tips to create a healthier sleep schedule (for the whole family) in as little as a week.

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10 steps to better sleep as a family

We live in a sleep-deprived culture, and as parents it only gets harder to get your rest. Read on for 10 ways you can all be better-rested.

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All new parents wonder: how do I get my baby to sleep?

Dr. Sears, an infant sleep specialist, shares how to help your baby get the rest they need to promote healthy development.

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Common Roadblocks - Babies

All parents struggle in the beginning. Here's some advice from an expert and mom.
Ask Dr. Meg: How do I get my child to stop crying?

There are normal tantrums, and then there's emotion-fueled acting out. Here's how to tell the difference so you can respond accordingly.

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Childhood defiance is a challenge, and a blessing

Strong will is a gift, when focused in the right direction. Here's how to discipline for defiance without putting out your child's light.

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Ask Dr. Meg: My kid is out of control

What happens when your child starts acting out? This can affect his relationship with you and others, so it's crucial you get this right.

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How to ensure your children create bonds with each other for life

The birth of a new child can change your family dynamic. Here's how to avoid jealousy and sibling rivalry.

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The REAL reason kids throw tantrums, and what you need to know before the next one hits

Tantrums aren't about you; they're about something bigger.

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How to connect with your children, no matter how hectic life gets

It's essential for parents to establish emotional bonds so that their children develop correctly.

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Setting strong foundations NOW means a brighter future for your kids

Dr. Meg offers wisdom on creating positive, personalized routines for more intentional parenting.

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The little things we say can have a BIG impact

Our words, tone and body language communicate so much to our kids, whether we mean to or not. What message are you sending?

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Tips for raising kids with a mind of their own

Strong-willed children may sometimes (okay, very often) be difficult, but they're truly a gift! Here's why.

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Ask Dr. Meg: Is my child spoiled?

There's a fine line between age-appropriate behavior and throwing tantrums to get what you want. Here's how to know the difference.

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What to do when "NO" stops working.

5 surefire secrets to make your words more MEANINGFUL so your kids will listen the first time without fighting, screaming, or throwing a tantrum.