Tried-and-tested tips for the hero in every child's life.

Fatherhood is Leadership

Dads, your presence is so crucial to your child's future. Here's why.
TED Talk — If Dads could see themselves from their kids’ eyes

Studies show dads are the KEY to developing a child’s self-esteem, keeping them in school, and helping them stay out of trouble.

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What kids really need from their fathers

Fathers, your children want and need a lot from you, but a few of these needs may surprise you. Let's look at a few.

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Single parents, you are not alone. Every parent has the right to thrive

Dr. Meg talks with author Robert Beeson about helping single parents overcome the challenges of parenting alone.

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The Importance of Fathers, Part 1

Dr. Meg and Tucker Carlson talk about being the father of four kids and the state of fatherhood in America today.

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The Importance of Fathers, Part 2

The second of two episodes devoted entirely to how important fathers are for their children and families.

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What it really takes to be a hero dad

You're already hardwired with everything you need to be the dad your kids need. Here's what we can learn from social commentary.

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A letter to dads from Dr. Meg

Fathers across the country report feeling inadequate. Dads, no matter what type of father you had, don't let that derail your own fatherhood journey.

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A father's new challenge

Fathers, you're raising kids during a difficult era: the era of social media. Here's why Dads need to stop coaching and start leading their families.

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Dads & Their Daughters

Secrets to connecting with and caring for your daughter.
My stepdaughter wants to call me daddy

Dr. Meg helps a man navigate a stepdaughter who wants to call him "Daddy" and a biological father who feels threatened.

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Dr. Meg on the Rachel Cruze Show

A Father's Day reminder: we need to stick up for fatherhood. Dr. Meg joins Rachel Cruze to reveal the 5 reasons dads matter today and every day.

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The secret to a strong father-daughter connection

I never expected that my work as a pediatrician would lead me to consult with NFL players about being better fathers. Here's what happened.

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Ask Dr. Meg: Expressing love

Dr. Meg gives a Hero Dad four ways to better express affection for his daughter – this is the heart of great fathering.

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Ask Dr. Meg: Dad is glued to his phone!

Parenting by phone isn't parenting. Texting or talking on your cell while nurturing your kids just doesn't work — here's the proof.

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Why dads and daughters need faith

A devotional just for Dads. Explore your spirituality in order to best nurture your daughter. Dr. Meg offers a fresh perspective and questions to ponder.

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Ask Dr. Meg: My step-daughter is pulling away, what can i do?

Dr. Meg offers insight and perspective on coparenting. Here's how to navigate this sensitive situation as a step-parent.

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6 rules for dads and their daughters

Remember that what makes her feel loved may differ from what works for you. Here are the do's and don'ts that will forge a strong relationship.

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Ask Dr. Meg: Daddy issues

Many women live with the pain of abandonment by their fathers when they were young. Here is how to best help a woman you love heal and move on.

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How dads can boost their daughter's self-esteem

Dr. Meg Meeker shares about the special bond with her own father and how it helped shape her life.

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Dads & Their Sons

Tips for raising strong and successful sons.
An interview with Philip Rivers of the NFL

Philip is not only a football star, but a husband and father of 8. He talks about balancing a demanding career with a family and fatherhood.

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Dr. Meg and NFL Icon David Tyree

Dr. Meg takes a truthful look at who fathers really are, and why they must pursue their kids and not take things personally.

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Navigating social media as a parent

Social media consumption is at an all-time high. Parents must promote healthy boundaries for this new generation of tech users: our children.

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7 ways to raise a healthy son

Being a dad can often seem a daunting task, but every parent has what it takes to raise healthy sons. Apply these 7 tips today.

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Building confidence in your son

Dr. Meg talks with expert Dr. Leonard Sax about the challenges boys face and how you can raise strong, self-confident young men.

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Being present in parenting

This episode features a conversation with Michael, Jr. about balanced parenting and the importance of making time to be an intentional parent.

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How to support your child's dreams while protecting their future

Filmmaker David A.R. White shares his story and Dr. Meg discusses how parents can keep their kids on the track for success.

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Good men wanted

Dr. Meg writes to dads everywhere with a few words of wisdom. Let's explore what children see in and understand about their fathers.

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Are you giving your child what they need?

Here is what your children truly need from you as their dad. Dr. Meg offers the truth all Dads must understand when providing for their children.

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