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Motherhood is tough, but so worth it. These resources will help you implement balance, strength, and forgiveness.

Stress & the Expectations of Motherhood

From the perfect Pinterest mom to "having it all", this is what every mama needs to know.
ALL good mothers can answer these three questions for their child

If I could tell mothers one thing, it's this: you're worrying about the wrong things.

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Moms — let go of unhealthy perfectionism with these tips

Forget the small details and focus on getting the big things right. Life gets a whole lot better when you do.

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The realities of motherhood

Find confidence in the chaos! Dr. Meg speaks to Crystal Paine, the “Money Saving Mom” blogger, to help you tell perfect, “GOODBYE!”

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The key to happiness and health for moms

The key to a balanced life is knowing your priorities. Here's how to realign yours for a healthier life!

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Did you fail your New Year's resolutions? Here's why.

I encourage you not to set any strict parenting resolutions this year, and instead focus on three questions.

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Let's simplify our life as moms

It may seem daunting with the chaos motherhood entails, but by adopting this perspective life can become a lot more SIMPLE. We can do this.

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Post-baby blues, or postpartum depression? Here's what you need to know

Dr. Meg provides clinical insight and warning signs for the development of postpartum depression.

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Ask Dr. Meg: My ex and son are bullying me

You're not alone. These practical suggestions will aid any parent victim to consistent bullying and disrespect.

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Dear Moms — if you are struggling to remember your worth, read this

Dr. Meg pens a thank you letter (and words of wisdom) to mothers everywhere.

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When did we make the list to be a "good" mother so outrageously long?

This is the reality check that will uncover the confidence you already have within.

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Raising Strong Sons

Mothers, your sons need your guidance (no matter their age).
Dr. Meg talks mothers and sons on the Today show!

How should moms balance love and discipline with their teen sons? Dr. Meg speaks to Kathy Lee and Hoda.

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Ask Dr. Meg: Can a single mom raise good boys without a father?

Dr. Meg helps a single mother realize her authority and value to her sons' development. Single moms, this is a plan for you.

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Raising strong sons — what our sons really need from their mothers

There are needs which every boy has that only a mother can fulfill best.

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The key to mothering healthy children

Dr. Meg shares an insightful experience with a patient and provides mothers with a valuable lesson: your happiness is the key to your children's health.

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Ask Dr. Meg: My teenage son has a porn addiction

Porn addiction is a major issue in the United States. Protect your son's sexual development and character with a strong approach.

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Ask Dr. Meg: My son is cheating, and that's not all

Dr. Meg provides strategies to addressing "cheating", and the considerations parents need to make when disciplining adolescents.

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Raising strong boys in a toxic culture

Dr. Meg talks with expert Dr. Leonard Sax about the challenges boys face and how you can raise strong, self-confident young men.

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Raising an emotionally healthy son — how to nurture before it's too late

Boys need to be nurtured just as much as girls. Mothers, you are the best person for this job.

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Remembering Barbara Bush — a lesson for all mothers

Barbara Bush was both the wife of a president and mother to another president. This is what we can take away from her legacy.

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7 ways to raise a healthy son

It's hard but rewarding work to raise boys that become strong, confident men. Apply these strategies to make the journey easier.

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Raising Strong Daughters

Raising strong, independent daughters is difficult; this should help.
Ask Dr. Meg: I have a promiscuous daughter. What do I do?

Teen sex is an epidemic and extremely detrimental, physically and emotionally. Dr. Meg offers support and advice to a scared mom.

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Raising strong girls in a predatory society

Dr. Meg and Dr. Leonard Sax offer advice on raising girls in a society determined to knock you off course.

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Raising kids in a tech world

Social media consumption is at an all-time high. It's paramount for parents to promote healthy boundaries for this new generation of tech users: our children.

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Ask Dr. Meg: I don't trust my daughter's boyfriend

Is your daughter in an unhealthy relationship? Dr. Meg helps a worried mother protect her daughter in this potentially damaging situation.

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Ask Dr. Meg: Can I trust my teen daughter?

After respect, trust is the most important commodity between a parent and her child. Build it now for better communication and closeness.

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How parents can raise strong, confident women

Our culture is growing increasingly hostile to our girls. Dr. Meg discusses cultural pressures with best-selling author Dr. Leonard Sax.

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Raising a daughter with high self-esteem

For teen girls today, the greatest obstacle to emotional health is social media. Here's how to help your daughter fight back!

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Princess or pioneer— how will you raise your daughter?

There are two types of women in the world: princesses and pioneers. What example are you and your role models providing?

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