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Parenting alone or with an ex-spouse is difficult, but it's not impossible.
Ask Dr. Meg: My spouse yells at the kids

Yelling is extremely damaging to children and families. Try these 3 pediatrician- and parenting expert-approved steps to end the yelling.

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When is divorce the right choice?

At what point does divorce become a better alternative for the sake of the family? Dr. Meg and Dave Ramsey discuss.

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Step-parenting and blended families — how to make it work

Blended families face many challenges. Follow these rules of thumb for a smooth transition.

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Has your ex turned your child against you? Read this.

You're not alone in this situation. NEVER give up hope on your relationship with your child.

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Ask Dr. Meg: How do I navigate parenting with an over-involved family?

Setting boundaries with extended family members is important. Here's how to approach this delicate issue.

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Ask Dr. Meg: Parenting after divorce

Divorces can get ugly; that's the truth. But you can still be a present and loving parent. Limit the damage with this approach.

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Dear Single Parents— a letter from the desk of Dr. Meg

Single parents deserve recognition and encouragement for their efforts. This is my ode to them...

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Ask Dr. Meg: My son's biological father wants to be in the picture

This can be a tricky situation. Here's how to handle this choice with grace and practicality for the good of your child.

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For the spouse who wants their partner to be "better"

We can easily forget that parenting is a team effort. Use these tips to support your spouse's growth in a healthy way.

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Teaching the value of healthy relationships

Your child learns what a healthy relationship or marriage looks like from YOU. Dr. Meg and marriage expert Dr. Les Parrott discuss.

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Ask Dr. Meg: My ex is abusive

Dr. Meg offers powerful advice to a hardworking mom and domestic violence survivor. Despite a cruel ex, there is always hope.

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Teaching Faith

The greatest gift a parent can give is a love of God.
3 ways to support dreamers with faith

Help your kids dream big — and dream right. By doing these three things, you can help raise a child who pursues his dreams and succeeds at them.

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Practical ways to introduce faith as a parent

Children who have strong religious beliefs are less likely to be involved in high-risk behaviors.

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One day, your kids are going to ask the “big” question — are you ready?

Faith starts with a firm foundation. Here's how to develop faith in your child and why so many of us feel unequipped.

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Parents, are you teaching your child grace?

Extending grace to our children is empowering when done right. Dr. Meg reveals how to instill responsibility in our children with true grace.

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The power of authentic faith

God is good for girls and Dads, this one is on you. Your daughter needs your help to develop strength in her faith.

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The greatest gift my husband gave me

This is a must-read for spouses. If you're looking for a stronger relationship, you need to begin with the gift of GRACE.

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Parents of faith, this is what your kids really need to hear

Going to Easter Mass isn't enough. THIS is the Easter proof your children need to believe.

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Why moms and sons need to have this talk

When it comes to teaching our children a love of God, mothers are the perfect person for this job. Here's why.

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Intentional Parenting

Pediatrician-approved tips for consistency and confidence.
Where do you lie on the parenting spectrum?

Everything you need to know to about the 3 styles so you can improve your child’s behavior and master discipline.

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How to strengthen your relationship with your partner

Life is better when parents are on the same page. Dr. Meg and Dr. Parrott discuss the importance of a strong, stable marriage.

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When emotions become unhealthy

As her parent, your job is not to stifle your child’s emotions. Instead, use these moments as an opportunity to teach her an important difference.

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The final conversation between George H.W. Bush and his son — and what every parent can take away from it

This is a lesson to parents everywhere. Talk to your kids before it's too late.

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The epidemic of overparenting

Being overinvolved in our children's lives cripples them. This is what every parent can take away from the college admissions scandal.

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A Utah mom on discipline and what it means to be good

Dr. Meg's discipline course has a part to play in this inspiring story of a Utah journalist and her son.

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The key to a happy child

This one practice will help develop their character and self-esteem for years to come. Try this to bond deeply with your child.

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6 foolproof ways to improve communication with your child — today

Healthy communication with your children in the age of social media can be tough. Don't get distracted!

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What to do when "NO" stops working.

5 surefire secrets to make your words more MEANINGFUL so your kids will listen the first time without fighting, screaming, or throwing a tantrum.