Having Trouble with Defiance, Backtalk or Rudeness? Do your kids refuse to listen to you?

  1. If your kids are DISOBEDIENT it’s because they don’t RESPECT you.
  2. If your kids DON’T LISTEN, it’s because you’re not CONSISTENT. 
  3. If your kids are OUT OF CONTROL, it’s because you’re missing the right TOOLS for discipline.
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Watch this short video to learn how YOU can enforce healthy boundaries in your home...

And make them STICK!

This is THE secret behind raising GREAT kids. 

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Your kids need a parent who will set boundaries. 

Do your kids yell, talkback, disrespect you, and ignore your requests?

Do you lose patience and blow your fuse when you talk with them?

Are you worried their bad behaviors will stay with them through their life?

Learn how to use “dynamic nurturing” to set healthy boundaries and step into your authority as YOUR child’s parent. 

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What would it feel like if your kids listened to you and respected you the FIRST time you said something?

"I never knew how to react when my children misbehaved. Meg helped me and my husband make a plan so that we're never shooting from the hip."
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"Dr. Meg's trainings have made our transition into having a 3-year-old a lot easier. We absolutely love Dr. Meg's approach and practical knowledge.”
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The secret to raising GREAT kids… From a parenting coach and practicing pediatrician.

From the desk of Meg Meeker, MD
Subject: YOU can become the parent your kids NEED.


I recently had a mother tell me about an interaction she had with her 5-year-old son.

Her son had really pushed her buttons and she was beside herself.
She vented out loud… “I’m blowing it. Nothing I say is ever taken seriously.”

The dad was quick to respond, “It’s because you never put your foot down!”

The kid chimed in, “Yeah, I would never be able to get away with that with DAD!”

Have you ever had a frustrating experience like this?

It can be terrifying to step into your authority as a parent!

As moms, we are often discredited. We are so close to our children emotionally that it’s hard to enforce boundaries because we feel like we’re not taken seriously.

Working with the NFL Father’s Initiative, writing books for fathers, and speaking to fathers all over the world, I know too, that fathers are often marginalized — they feel like outsiders in their own homes, afraid to discipline and disempowered to do so.

It’s hard for moms… it’s hard for dads… it is just hard!

Let’s face it, there isn’t a manual or a guide that explains how to perfectly parent our children.

So we’re faced with making decisions on a daily basis and this can leave us feeling scattered, anxious, and afraid that we’re making the right decisions.

Have you ever said this to yourself?

  • “I want to enforce rules, but I don’t know how to do it…”
  • Or… “Intuitively, I don’t think my daughter should hang around that group of friends, but if I say something is she going to hate me?”
  • Or… “It feels like my child is acting out of control, but if I lay down boundaries am I going to stifle their personality? 

Parents… If we are acting from a place of fear and uncertainty, we aren’t setting our children up for success.

We’re not doing them any favors when we’re afraid to lay down rules or enforce consequences because we’re AFRAID of losing their friendship.

You know the feeling…

  • You feel reactive and insecure when you voice your judgment call.
  • It’s worrisome to know from the outside looking in your parenting may not match up to your friend’s and family’s expectations.
  • You avoid approaching a discipline situation until an issue arises and things reach a boiling point.
  • There are important conversations you need to have with your child but you really don’t know how to begin nonetheless.
  • We feel out of control, so we focus on obedience, behavior control, and performance as signs that we’re “doing the right thing.”

Something I often hear from parents is:

“I want my kid to like me but I also NEED them to listen to me. It feels like nothing I say or do is getting through to my child.  Parenting feels more like a battle than anything else.”

When you don’t have a strategy, everything feels more stressful!

  • Parents without a discipline strategy
  • Reactive and “snappy”
  • Worry about external expectations on how they should parent
  • Dealing with issues as they come up
  • Scared to tackle the real issues because they’d rather “keep the peace.”
  • Focus on obedience, behavior control, and rewarding performance
  • Parents WITH a discipline strategy
  • Proactive and confident
  • Follow their intuition and do what’s best for their children and their family
  • Have a plan that works in any situation
  • Bravely handle the tough conversations and situations.
  • Focus on building great character traits in their children

Here’s the truth — If you want to win with your children it starts with developing a framework for solving any parenting issue that will come your way.

As a parenting expert, I’ve spoken to crowds across the world and wrote best-selling books on the matter.

As a pediatrician, I’ve worked with thousands of parents struggling to figure it out — and when things didn’t just click they felt discouraged and overwhelmed.

I designed Simple Discipline That Works to help you feel that “I can do this” level of confidence — So you can step right into your authority and win over your children for a lifetime.

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5 surefire secrets to make your words more MEANINGFUL so your kids will listen the first time without fighting, screaming, or throwing a tantrum.

"America's Mother."

-Dave Ramsey

Learn the principles, skills, and tactics to make discipline a breeze.

  1. Observe your child’s behaviors without immediately jumping to a conclusion in your mind and going into “fix it” mode.
  2. Know how to get to the REAL root cause behind the behaviors so you understand what’s really going on.
  3. Have a sense of the right solution, the right words, the right consequence, and the right teaching moment for your child in that moment.
  4. Know how to implement the consequence or action you decide on.
  5. See more success and consistency with your words, consequences, and parenting.

Use these tools to squash frustrating behaviors like:

  1. Refusal to do common chores or help out around the house. 
  2. Stalling and negotiating at bed-time
  3. Backtalk, mean words, and rude treatment. 
  4. Fighting amongst siblings. 
  5. The foundation of positive discipline so you can create a more positive relationship with your child.

This program will mean less chaos, frustration, and bad feelings in your home and more peace, harmony, and love. 

  1. What if you had an entire week of no fighting with your child?
  2. Can you imagine if you told your teen to put down the video game and he said, “OK mom”
  3. How would it feel if your child did what you asked?
  4. What if your kids went to bed without a fight?
  5. What if your teen stopped giving into peer pressure
What will this course do for your family?

This is THE secret behind raising GREAT kids. 

Simple Discipline That Works is an interactive course for parents who need to establish structure and boundaries in their home to set their kids up for success. 


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How do I access the course?
My content is available on a reputable, fully digital platform so you can move through the course at your own pace. During the first section, I’ll also show you how to set up a mobile account for lessons on the go.
How long until I see results?
The beauty of this course is that you can start seeing results the same day! These strategies are designed to teach your child healthy boundaries and teach you confidence in your authority immediately, and that only improves over time.
How does it work?
My course is structured to help busy parents see positive changes as soon as possible. We start with THEORY and the principles of healthy discipline, then jump straight into STRATEGY so you can start applying my tactics the very same day.
Will it work for me and my family?
I know we’ve never met in person, but I know you.

I’ve met with thousands of parents from all walks of life.

The reason I know this will work for you is that it’s not based on preferences or opinions.

I do share my own stories and examples, but everything in my program is based on universal principles and tools that will work in any home.

I will teach you the tactics, but more importantly the mindset you need to be a strong, GREAT parent.

I have one dad in our community who messaged me and said he uses the “authoritative parenting” mindset with his employees and his team at work.

I have moms message me and say the communication modules have helped their conversations with their adult friends.

This works because it’s not about “Changing this behavior” or “Saying this exact thing in XYZ situation.”

This program will change your mindset and your approach to parenting.

Lots of 2nd, 3rd, and 5th-time parents (even grandparents) are joining the Meeker Parenting Community and learning something new!
Is it worth the money?

I get it — there are lots of places your money needs to go when you’re raising a family.
So let’s talk dollars and sense:
What can happen if you DON’T learn the ideas in my program? 

  • Studies have found unhealthy discipline has been linked to negative outcomes for children, ranging from conduct disorder to depression and low self-esteem.
  • Research also shows that your parenting style is an essential determinant of children’s coping styles, and a child’s behavior toward adults varies according to different parenting styles.
  • Americans spend over 200 billion on treating mental health.

What if you could prevent the need for therapy and counseling for your adult child by making the right decisions today?

Protect your child from the pain and effort of “reparenting” themselves in the future. (Yes, that’s a thing.) 

There's a cost to the course but it's NOTHING compared to the time you will save making and undoing mistakes.

Money gets replenished but the time you lose with your kids NEVER comes back.

Is it worth the money?
  • When I designed these courses I made sure the content was packaged in short, easy-to-understand snippets that you can watch right from your phone.
  • You have lifetime access to all of the materials. I have parents who tell me that they watch 20-30 minutes per week and they are making huge changes in their home.
  • We have an app you can download so you can even listen/watch while you’re doing errands or driving carpool.
Considering you can get started with Simple Discipline That Works right now for $199, this is a no-brainer opportunity! And I hope you take it ;)

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